Be Under Your Own Influence (BUYOI) is a communications campaign designed to prevent substance use in middle-school students. This online version has been specifically designed for American Indian youth.

What is Be Under Your Own Influence about?

BUYOI begins with the premise that one of the main tasks of adolescence is achieving greater independence and personal autonomy.  Some adolescents see using drugs and alcohol as a way to be rebellious and independent.  The BUYOI campaign turns this around to reframe substance use as an action that is inconsistent with both personal autonomy and being able to achieve one’s goals and aspirations.  Its goal is to empower youth to make their own good decisions when it comes to using drugs and alcohol.

High school students, serving as role models to the younger youth, are at the heart of this intervention. They deliver campaign messages through various activities that emphasize their own non-use as an expression of their personal identity and as vital to achieving their aspirations.  These local high school students literally become the faces of the campaign.

Is the campaign effective?

A cluster randomized trial found thar BUYOI was effective in reducing marijuana and alcohol use among middle-school youth in a sample of national schools.  Please see Slater et al. (2006) for more information.

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