The “Our Youth, Our Future” Survey

Your school could be part of one of the most significant studies being done today on substance use and resilience factors among youth living on or near American Indian reservations.

…..The Tri-Ethnic Center for Prevention Research is housed in the Psychology Department at Colorado State University. We are funded by the National Institutes of Health to conduct the only national survey of 6th-12th graders attending schools on or near American Indian reservations.

     The “Our Youth, Our Future” survey asks students about school engagement, plans for their future, and factors that promote resilience, along with questions about drug and alcohol use and reasons for using. The survey is administered online, takes 30 minutes or less to finish, and is completely anonymous.

     How would this benefit your school? Your school would receive a confidential report summarizing your anonymous student responses. Schools often use these reports as baseline assessments for requesting grant funding, or for sharing information about emerging trends and urgent needs with governing boards, parent groups, and other stakeholders invested in the welfare of your students. Additionally, we offer each participating school some funding as a token of our appreciation for your time and involvement.

     Our staff will work with your school to gain appropriate approvals as required by your school board and/or tribal council, and on choosing a survey date that works best for your school. With our help, your school will send notifications to parents, talk with your teachers and staff about how to administer the survey, and survey 80% or more of your 6-12th grade students. There is no cost to your school other than your time to prepare for and administer the survey.

     I sincerely hope that your school will join us in this important study to collect critical information necessary to help improve the mental and physical health of Native youth.

     To inquire about participation or next steps, please reach out to me by email or call 970-491-3895.

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