Tri-Ethnic Center in the News:

National survey to examine drug use among American Indian youth
“American Indian middle and high school students who live on or near reservations are at higher risk for drug and alcohol abuse than their non-Native counterparts. For decades, social scientists at CSU’s Tri-Ethnic Center for Prevention Research have sought to understand, measure and help solve this pervasive, multigenerational problem.” Read More…


Latest Findings:

The role of norms in marijuana use among American Indian adolescents
“American Indian adolescents residing on reservations report high levels of marijuana use. Understanding the relationships between normative mechanisms and marijuana use in this group can be especially important in designing effective strategies to prevent use.” Read More…
Stanley, L.R., Swaim, R.C. & Dieterich, S.E. Prev Sci (2017) 18: 406.

Multivariate family factors and lifetime and current marijuana use among American Indian and white adolescents residing on or near reservations
“Rates of marijuana use are consistently high among reservation-based American Indian adolescents. The roles of family are unique in this ethnic group and can serve as sources of both risk and protection for substance use.” Read More…
Swaim, R.C., & Stanley, L.R. (2016). Drug & Alcohol Dependence, 169, 92-100. 

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